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Disabled parking information

Disabled Parking

The City of San Antonio offers free short term parking (24 hours or less) at its downtown parking facilities for those individuals who have a state issued disabled parking permit or special state issued plates. The free short term parking is only available at city operated lots, garages, meters, and pay stations.

View a list of City Operated Parking Facilities.

The customer must inform the attendant at point of sale and be prepared to verify that they are the lawful owner of the disabled parking permit or vehicle for plates. For accountability and audit purposes the customer will be asked to furnish their: name, address, phone number and license plate number.

The following are entitled to free short term parking provided they present the required information.

  • Disabled Placard
  • Disabled Plate
  • Disabled Veteran Plates
  • Purple Heart, Former Prisoner of War, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Congressional Medal of Honor, Legion of Valor, Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Bronze Star with Valor

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