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EV charging stations are available in the parking garages.

At this time, prepaying for garage parking is not available.

Yes, but it is based on availability.  What are the rates?  Monthly rates vary by location.  Please contact our office for further details.

All parking fees will vary based on location: On-street at the meter or SAPark (2 hours = $1.80/per hr.); City Lots & Garages (Daily Rates $2 - $10)

Yes, there is no in/out parking.

Contact SAPark.

If you believe you are in need of a refund, please contact (210) 207-8266.

Parking is Credit Card only. Cash is not accepted.

On-street parking is when you park directly on the street next to a curb and submit payment to a meter, pay station, or the SAPark app.  Off-street parking?  Off-street parking is when you park in a parking garage or lot away from the street.

Event rates apply to large-scale events, large conventions and conferences in the vicinity of City Parking facilities. Events included in this rate structure include but are not limited to: Fiesta San Antonio, Texas Folklife Festival, Hemisfair events, Comic-Con conventions and New Year's Eve Celebrations.

There are a number of ADA compliant parking spaces at all of our parking garages and lots for your convenience.

Parking may be found on-street at any of our 2,100+ parking meters & pay stations, any of our 9 City-owned lots, or our 5 City-owned parking garages with over 3,200 spaces. See location listings at SAPark Map .



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Unfortunately, refunds for unused time will not be issued.

The SAPark app can issue you an electronic receipt for your records.

Please contact … for assistance.


Contact SAPark.

SAPark is a mobile payment parking solution.  You can pay with any mobile device via the app without needing a physical ticket from the meter.  Download the app here!

SAPark is easy and convenient.  With a few taps on your phone or mobile device, your parking is paid.  Get alerts before your parking session expires or extend your parking…all from your phone or mobile device.

Yes, an electronic receipt will be available for parking sessions.

The officer will know that you paid as all sessions can be verified electronically.

Parking Meters & Pay Stations

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Yes, you may extend your parking; but we recommend using the SAPark app to easily extend from your mobile device. 

If you notice a non-functioning meter or pay station, please contact (210) 207-8266 immediately.

A parking meter is the traditional single space meter that mainly accepts coins for payment.  A pay station serves multiple spaces and has the ability to accept credit cards for payment.  Both devices are used throughout San Antonio.

They are enforced Mon. – Sat. 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Call (210) 207-8266 or Contact SAPark.

Parking Citations

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A valid Commercial Decal is needed at all times.   Vehicles are subject to citations and towing for overtime parking in Commercial Loading Zones if parking exceeds more than 30 minutes.

Go to, go to Residents, then click Online Citation Payments.

Go to, go to Residents, then click Online Citation Payments.

Valid disabled parking placards are honored at all on-street meters, lots and garages. Permits must be properly displayed at all times from the rear view mirror facing outward for the enforcement officer’s verification.  Failure to do so may result in a citation or additional action.

If you wish to contest a parking ticket, you must appear no later than hearing date listed on the parking ticket. Alternatively, you may contest your parking ticket via mail by sending a letter with the ticket number and any evidence necessary to contest the ticket. A Parking Hearing Officer will review your case and make a ruling.

See San Antonio Code of Ordinances / Chapter 19 - MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC


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A Visitor Residential Permit is available.  Only one visitor permit is allowed per address.

You may apply by submitting a Residential Decal Application; however, you must be a resident of a designated residential zone in San Antonio.

Commercial Loading Zones function much like the City's metered parking system but are specifically designed for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles with a valid permit.

Towing & Booting

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You may file an appeal with a Justice of the Peace Court that has jurisdiction over where your vehicle was originally towed.

Contact the 24-hour telephone number listed for removal of the boot.   Any time a vehicle is booted, a notice will also be present listing 1) the date and time the boot was installed, 2) the name, address and telephone number of the boot operator or company, 3) Any fees due or owed.

If Parking Enforcement towed your vehicle, please contact (210) 207-SAPD (7273) and you will be advised of the location of your vehicle.

If your vehicle was towed for a parking violation/hazard, you will be subject to the price of the tow.  If your vehicle was towed due to unpaid parking tickets, you will be liable for the outstanding parking citations plus the cost of the tow.  If your vehicle instead was booted for unpaid parking tickets, there is an administrative fee in addition to the unpaid parking citations.

The two primary reasons vehicles are towed or booted are safety/unlawfulness and unpaid parking citations.



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